The Operative Verbs of the Humanities

I am working on an article on the ‘operative verbs’ of the humanities. My primary interest is how the humanities frame themselves and their work, in particular in relation to their (active) role within the academy and in society.

I plan to do a corpus-based study, but am also trying to come up with verbs myself and asking others (whom I will credit of course).

This is an initial, quick list I came up with myself:

build, make, change, (re)design, implement, tweak, intervene, inform action, challenge, imagine, provoke, construct, inverse, break, disrupt

Snowden Becker contributed the following verbs: interrogate, reify, imagine, (re)frame (or (re)anything, this is academia), propose, capture, counter, inscribe, memorialize, dissect (tweet here).

Since then I have added (myself): engage, influence

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