Radicalized Infrastructures on July 11 at first CDH Symposium, University of Cambridge

I am very happy to have been invited to speak at the first Cambridge Digital Humanities Symposium – Searching Questions – on July 11. I will speak about “Radicalized Infrastructures” and also take part in a round table discussion. Infrastructure abstract included below. More information about the symposium here and the full program is now available (pdf). Looking forward to speaking, meeting everyone and learning!

Radicalized infrastructures
Patrik Svensson

The concept of infrastructure has proven to be a powerful way to conceive
complex phenomena and aggregated systems, such as utilities, transportation and
scientific apparatuses. Since the mid-1990s we have seen the emergence of
‘research infrastructure’ as a framework, which is now an important factor in
allocating resources, controlling academic work and imagining futures. In a recent
roadmap, research infrastructure is described as the ‘leaps that remake the world’.

A new centre for digital humanities is a tremendous opportunity to engage in critical
and constructive infrastructure work. This is an opportunity not only for the (digital)
humanities: the humanities can play an important role, not least through
intersectional and integrative forms of humanities and areas such as gender,
disability and race studies. A key task is to critique, imagine and build infrastructures
to tackle scholarly and societal challenges and opportunities, but also to challenge
and change infrastructural regimes to become more human.

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