Nordic DH – some sources


I am currently trying to get a better sense of the development and status of digital humanities in the Nordic countries. It is a strange and fun thing to do. Fun in general (and a learning experience), and strange because I am part of “Nordic DH” myself, although I have probably always had a stronger international than Nordic engagement.

Digital humanities is not new in the Nordic countries. There is a long history, although using the term “digital humanities” (in its various Nordic manifestations) is a relatively new phenomenon. Currently there are several new initiatives for the digital humanities in the Nordic countries, a growing institutional awareness, and the first conference for digital humanities in the Nordic countries (as part of organized digital humanities) will take place March 15-17, 2016.

In any case, here are some useful sources I have found useful. They are all from post 2010 and available online. Please send me a note if there are other sources you think I should include/have included (for instance I am aware that I do not cover all countries as well or at all – please help). I will add new sources to the list, but will not include more than 20 sources in total (for the list to be manageable).

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