Four Nordic engagements in March

I am happy to be back in Sweden and Scandinavia. I am also happy to be based at the Graduate Center, City University New York this academic year, and it is great to be able to travel between the countries. Over the next 1,5 weeks I will have several exciting engagements in the Nordic countries:

Advisory Board meeting with the Danish DIGHUMlab (Digital Humanities Lab Denmark).

Keynote lecture at the first Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries conference in Oslo.

Panel participation at a Swedish Research Council-supported workshop on integrative environments in the humanities in Stockholm.

Keynote lecture at the opening seminar/launch event for Finland’s Digital Humanities Academy Programme (Digihum, supported by the Academy of Finland) in in Turku.

(and being in Umeå of course)


Umeå University Campus (summer time). Photo credits: Mikael Lindmark. Wikipedia.


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