Being (digital) humans Nov 17

I am very happy to be part of the Being Human Festival (a festival of the humanities) in November in London.


Lorna Hughes and I have been working with Sally-Jane Norman and Todd Presner to put together a panel on Being (digital) humans – a great group of collaborators and an exciting topic. I respect and admire the work of my collaborators and  I know they will bring important and different perspectives, modalities and arguments to the event.

Time/place: Tuesday, November 17, 6:00-7:15 pm, Senate House, London.

I have borrowed the presentation of the presenters from the festival site:

Professor Lorna Hughes, an expert on digital cultural heritage, will discuss how digital access and use of museum, archive and library content changes our understanding of, and interaction with, primary historical sources. As more and more of our heritage is put online, what do we gain and what do we lose? Does digital access enable a richer experience of the past? How is user engagement with digital heritage understood and measured?

Professor Sally-Jane Norman will look at how artists are using computing machines and code to extend our sense of liveness, and explore new kinds of embodiment and reach. The arts give us unique ways to make sense of our increasingly digital environments, but can they help us to make sense of ’being human’ in a digital age?

Professor Todd Presner teaches intellectual history, media studies, urban humanities, and digital humanities at the University of California Los Angeles. He will draw on examples ranging from the digitisation of Holocaust testimony to social media mapping using Twitter feeds, to inquire about the place of ‘the ethical’ in the digital humanities.

Professor Patrik Svensson builds academic spaces and writes about screens, knowledge infrastructure and the field of digital humanities. He will reveal what happens when you tell conference presenters PowerPoint is not allowed, and how humanists can help imagine new types of presentation software and spaces.

See here for a full description, more information and registration. Our event is followed by Professor Eric Jarosinski, #failedintellectual and founder of @NeinQuarterly.

Please come to our event!

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